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November 19, 2007

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August 27, 2007

Meray Tan kay zakham na gin abhee

Meri Aankh main abhee noor hay

meray bazou’n par nigah kar

jo ghuror tha wo ghuror hay

abhee taza dam hay mera Faaris

nay ma’rkoun pay tula huwa

abhee razm gah kay darmian

hay mera nishan khula huwa

teri chashm-e-bud say rahen nihan

woh tahain jo hain meri zaat kee

mujhe dekh qabza-e-taigh par

hay girift meray haath kee !

—By Faraz

I got this email as an owner of the mailing list I help to maintain for my engineering class @ Yahoo..

Do note that in NED we keep track of our batches by the first two years we start at NED.
—– Forwarded Message —-
From: Sabahat Ashraf <>
Sent: Saturday, August 4, 2007 10:28:18 PM
Subject: “NED Nama – – این ای ڈی نامہ” a blog about, by and for NEDians

I’d like to announce the launch of “NED Nama – – این ای ڈی نامہ” a blog
about, by and for NEDians:

The upcoming convention in Silicon Valley
( triggered obtaining the domain
“” and one of the things we all wanted to do on that website
was a blog.

So we’ve started one.

Please read, comment, participate, and send information to put up there.
If you have ever written something about NED, NEDians, or events that
happened at NED–or are happening at NED–please send it in and let’s
see what we can do with it. [Remember to include your name and
Batch–either by year of admission or year of graduation, since NEDians
use both.]

If you know a student at NED (or are one), please ask them to send
updates, too. [Email me at, for now–we’ll add
editors as we go along.]

Let’s create a place where NEDians stay in touch and discuss our alma
mater, our student and alumni commmunity, and share our thoughts, joys,
sorrows; our lives.

Oh, and do try to come on down to Silicon Valley for the convention, so
we can all get together.


Comp. Sys., Batch ’87-88

Strengths and Weeknesses

July 15, 2007

These days I am hooked up on Marcus Buckingham’s Strengths Movement efforts. This cat really makes sense . First book that I read from him was ” Now , Discover your strengths”. Just recently I took his Strengths Engagement Tract ( SET )test . I’ll post the results soon so you can see for yourself ..

Its not surprising that the basic concept is pretty analogous to Jim Collins’ “Hedgehog Concept” from his acclaimed best seller ” Good to Great” . If the “Hedgehog Concept” made sense to ya , then the SET will set the right cords for you as well 😉

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The Metrics

November 20, 2006

How do we measure anything ? How do you measure Success ? Failure ? Happiness? Sadness ? Health ? Time ? Stress ? What makes me truthful in saying that I am progressing in life , that I am succeeding , that I am Happy ? .. You ask me “How are you doing ? ” , may be I am good but I am burning inside ? 🙂 …